What we Provide

Money from the patient welfare fund is used to directly support the patients and family members within the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine.  This includes: providing patients with TV cards to allow them to watch the televisions provided in their bed spaces, funding trips out away from the hospital for those able to do so and providing sundry equipment as required.  We also provide funding for haircuts and have a weekly coffee morning at Costa Coffee with the Padre.

Some of the additional initatives include 'military chef night' where trained military chefs from other military units come into the hospital and cook a bespoke meal for each military patient and family members to their specific requirements and providing specialist equipment for patients that cannot be sourced throught the normal chains.

Some patients do arrive at the hospital without any of their possessions and any support we can provide them is most grateful.

The continued support that we get from members of the public and other charitable organisations is a massive boost to both the patient and their families so please continue all of your good work it really is appreciated.

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