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Jelly Babies are secretto Karl's success

Jelly babies are war hero and 100 marathon man Karl Hinett’s secret to success.

In a special question and answer session, organised by the charity for budding Bupa Great Birmingham Run participants, Karl revealed the sweet treats are one of his ‘must-haves’ when running marathons.

Eric Hathway, 23, asked Karl about his diet and Karl admitted: “I love jelly babies and they give me energy. It’s a bit of trial and error when it comes to training as some foods don’t agree with me but I always run well on jelly babies!

“It’s important to try different snacks when training so you know what works for you on race day. You need to get your body used to them to ensure you’re not sick. Also, drink only when thirsty. If you drink too much you will cause an imbalance. Your body knows what it needs and you should listen to it.”

Karl recommended that runners eat a carbohydrate-rich meal the night before a long run and then eat plain toast or plain porridge on the morning of the run, taking preferred snacks with them.

Kate Sessarego, 31, asked Karl what a good pace is. He said: “Turn up at the start and finish at the end. Basically I tell people to get off the couch and do it. It doesn’t matter what time you finish in as long as you’ve done it. Plus, even if you have a set time in mind you may well finish quicker as the atmosphere will drive you on.”

Karl’s other top tips include listening to music or running with a friend to break the monotony of running, covering blister ‘hot spots’ with masking tape and then zinc oxide tape over the masking tape and having a sports massage after a run to delay cool down and ease muscle soreness.

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